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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?

It’s not ok!

Posted by Ruok On July - 13 - 2006

My ass is still smarting from that whipping. Hah. I guess that’s what u call a “smart ass” 😀

Waittamynuittt… I have a metal ass. That’s it. I have the power of hard ass! yay. Nuthin’ like that can hurt me. I am powderful!!! MUAHAHAHAHA Beware of the metal-assed fembot.

oh shit, it’s too damn hot here. brb. wanna shower.

Okies. I;m back. Hmm.. I don’t know what kinda readers Ruok has over here. So, I’mma juz gonna play by ear. The week is almost over anyways. I’m pretty hungry now so let’s talk about food.

[To all them ppl who wanna bring me down by reminding me that I’m a robot and don’t need to eat. Just go and bother some other robots or set yourselves on fire or sthg.]

My favourite food of all time has to be tuna. Tuna of all kinds. Next thing, is char kueh teow. OOooooo.. OMFG How can ppl not have love for CKT? YUmmm.. The sheer yumminess with pig lard, siham, eggs …*blink blink* and whatever there is to make it so damn fuckalicious. *choke*

Ok. I’m done. I almost passed out from imagining CKT with tuna. ….. :O

I need to find some food. Ta!

naeboo @2:15am 13jul2006

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