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I’m Weird Like That

Posted by Ruok On January - 24 - 2006

Tagged by the one who drinkeths a lot who wants to know weird stuff about me. (Errm, you don’t find me weird enough meh?)

Alrighty then, off the top of my head;

One of the weird thing about me is that people like to believe me when I’m lying and don’t believe me when I’m telling the truth. Go figure. I think these people are even more weird than me. o.O

Another weird thing about me is that I have a really low sugar tolerance. Yes, I hate the sweet stuff. Yes, I don’t even like to eat my own birthday cake. But hor, I do like sweet young things. Heh, go figure.

And people tell me I’m corny. Actually, they say I’m very corny. But I hate corn to the core. Heck I hate corn even before seeing its core. I think its natural for me to hate corn since I’m already so corny. I’m cool weird like that.

I have weird dreams. They are weird because I always seem to be in a parallel universe in them. They are weird because there are story sequences that will continue months after I’ve stopped dreaming those sequences. Hmm, ok, maybe they are not as weird as they are scary. Heh.

I’m actually quite proud to be so weird. Yeah, I’m cool weird like that. I don’t cry at funerals. I first noticed this when my beloved grandmother died while I was still a small kid, and I have continued not crying ever since. Not even when my cat, whom I loved very much, diet. Don’t ask me why. I just don’t cry at funerals.

So, let the weirdness spread to :

Mr Lim
Liz & David

3 Responses to “I’m Weird Like That”

  1. Qiaoyun says:

    Eeeeeaaah! Why you tag me? I thought I was safe from this nonsense. 😛 Can I tag you back so you have to come up with 5 more weird stuff?

  2. Ruok says:

    QY : lol, u can try 😛

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