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I’m Weird Like That : Full Circle

Posted by Ruok On March - 22 - 2007

When I got tagged by Zeus and Serendipity to do the weird meme (pun intended), I thought I had done it before sometime ago.

Lo and behold, I did. Back then it was five, so now they bumped it up to six. Like that also song ah?!?

So ok lor, now you know five, so here’s the sixth :

I always come up with the title first. From blog entries to scripts, I will always think of the title first. To me, a good and clever title is extremely important, so much so that I’m sometimes guilty of giving it precedence over the content. No doubt, content is king, but there’s just something about titles that I’m fixated about. So I’ll decide on the title first and then decide on how to carry on with the content, instead of the other way round.

As for tagging people, I’ll tag the same people who didn’t respond the last time round, which is about four of them.

And tag these :


LMD (cuz since she started it for me, she should end it. Like that, then got full circle mah.)

One Response to “I’m Weird Like That : Full Circle”

  1. naeboo says:

    ho ho ho…

    i ald did the same meme lar. 😛

    as for me, i dont have a fixed way of writing, title first or whatever. sometimes i have a title then i write sthg and stick it on. sometimes i write the content then i think of a nice title. sometimes i purposely write sthg juz so i can use a cool title. 😛

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