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I’d Rather Not Do This

Posted by Ruok On July - 25 - 2006

Because its Zeus‘s birthday and because I’m still waiting for him to send Aphrodite to me, I have no choice but to obey his carrion call.

1) I’d rather be Vincent Lee than any other actor. (Actors)
2) I’d rather be hated and understood, rather than loved and misunderstood. (Philosophy)
3) I’d rather have super luck than any other super power. (Super Powers)
4) I will rather keep my bitter memories, have the sporadic dark clouds when these memories do surface, than bask in the eternal sunshine of lost memories. (Cheemology)
5) I’d rather be Dream than Death. (The Endless)

Not gonna tag anyone else, cuz the last time I tagged people all boh hew me. T_T

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  1. naeboo~ says:

    another dead end. deadfox also didnt tag anyone.

    hhehehehe this meme wont go on! yay!

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