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Posted by Ruok On September - 26 - 2007

Was about to go get one for myself, after my client showed off his hacked and working iPhone to me. Then came the news that Apple intends to break the modified phones with their future firmware update.

I think Ed says it best here.

“Why the hell would you want to buy anything from a company that does these kinds of things?” Really, is your life so lacking in abuse and disrespect that you need to buy some more?

For me, there’s an excellent way to avoid all these iPhone issues: Don’t buy it! Don’t let your friends and associates buy them! Most importantly of all, make fun of the people you see who have bought one! Call them shallow, call them Stevie’s saps, be highly unimpressed.

If a status symbol gets not respect but ridicule, it stops being a status symbol.

No, I don’t think this is likely to catch on, too many shallow saps out thet.

But you and those around you don’t have to join the zombies.

Looks like I’m still getting the Samsung F500 afterall.

2 Responses to “iBreak”

  1. JayWalk says:

    I don’t see how iPhone can elevate a person’s status given that it is technically an inferior product with no MMS nor 3G capabilities.

    I won’t use it even if it is given to me for free.

    Give me a Nokia E90 instead!

  2. Ruok says:

    Jay, I’m not the one you’re trying to convince. On another note, I kinda dun like the E90 as well. What I want is a big screen small form factor/slim phone that can play H.264 videos. The rest I don’t care liow. So far, the iPhone fits the bill. Oh, if you do get one for free, please send it over.

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