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Oh Happy Day!

Posted by Ruok On March - 25 - 2007

The thing that bugged me the most, as I prepared for my audition yesterday, was the inexplicable reason that I couldn’t get to sleep the night before. Coupled with the stress of having to change my modem and dealing with the anticipated mobilisation call up, you might say I wasn’t in the best frame of mind for the audition.

While waiting for the audition, Vida, an actress last seen as the maid in my Without Warning episode, came up to me and told me that she recognised me from the show. I was surprised of course, since we didn’t get to do a scene together and my face was behind a mask all the time. She explained that her sons, John and Paulo, wanted to meet me, after they had seen me in the show. So we got introduced and I was slightly bemused that her sons did not aspire to be an actor as well. In fact, John wants to be a scientist! Good for you John!

There were lots of familiar faces at this audition. My “nemesis” was there, Bridgette, Jerry and Shu Ann was there as well. Even Tresno, a guy I met just last week at Short and Sweet’s audition was there. Not surprising of course, since this was for an international film after all. Seeing all these faces made me more relaxed, and oddly enough, I had a sense of belonging.

I was given a long script, which I managed to memorise with the long time I was there, but when I went in, they preferred to see me do the monologue I’ve prepared instead.

Personally, it was my one of my best audition. Rarely had I felt this way; that I’ve did a good performance that I’m well satisfied with as well. I think they must have felt the same way too, for its the first time I’ve heard anyone enquired after my showreel. And I’m sure they’ll like what they see in the showreel as well.

On my way out, I happened to bump into Debbie Wong.

We shook hands after I’ve introduced myself and as she appeared to have something to discuss with Jason, I excused myself and went on my way. I had a rehearsal to rush to, in any case.

Yesterday was the kind of day I’ve always envisage my acting days should be, everyday. Auditions, rehearsals and/or performance, day in and day out. But the sad, sad fact is that I rarely get these type of days. And as I marveled over how high I was from having done a good performance (I told Debs its almost akin to getting laid), I’m reminded, once again, of why is it that I’m an actor.

Of course, the high could’ve just come from having held Debbie’s hands. 😉

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