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Had My First 18 Year Old

Posted by Ruok On April - 10 - 2009

Courtesy of the good people at Imaginings and Pernord Ricard, I had my first 18 year old whisky at the Glenlivet Tasting session.

And it was lovely.

In fact, all the years were lovely. The 12, is lovely with its distinct sweetness; the 15, is lovely because of its body and the 18 is lovely because it not only combines a bit of the 12 and 15 but it also add its own character.

Perhaps the most lovely fact is that its all free. FREE!!

And the funny thing was that there was like only 50% that turned up. So there were so, so many whisky leftover. We know we had to help them from committing the most sacrilege sin of all – Wasting of premium alcohol.

Which we did gladly and with much aplomb. *hic

I truly had the time of my life. 😀

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  1. JayWalk says:

    And who was the slurring joker who needed to be carted home? =(

  2. […] free alcohol started with the whisky tasting, followed by the generosity of VIP Magazine that plied us with drinks during the launch and after […]

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