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Excuse Me, Am I A Model?

Posted by Ruok On September - 14 - 2007

I’ve been advertising myself on AADB for over a year now, and while I have gotten lots of auditions from there, I haven’t been able to clinch any job so far.

That is until about two weeks ago. Wendy called me up for a last minute photo shoot and with that, I finally get my first job there at last.

We were told we were going to Bintan for a shoot, but when we arrived at the Tanjung Pinang jetty, I realised it was a part of Bintan that I’ve never seen before. A totally new and very different world existed at this part of Bintan, a far cry from the picturesque resorts that one usually associates with Bintan.

This part of Bintan was populated and rural and one could see from the surroundings that this wasn’t a very prosperous part of town. I would be told later that this particular area is where folks go for cheap sex, although I really didn’t see any women hanging around street corners as we made our way in a mini van that had a non working air-con.

Our first location was a very nice beach.

Palm trees

more nice rocks

Beach shoot (pun not intended)

My phone camera don’t really do the beach justice, but the scenery is really nothing short of amazing. I doubt very much any of the main resorts in Bintan have such a nice beach front.

After that, we went to a few plantations as well as a few farm stay houses that had these interesting murals on its walls.

Michangelo will turn in his grave

Murals Murals on the wall

The scenery wasn’t half bad as well.

I actually had a blast doing this and I certainly wouldn’t mind doing more of such shoots in the future. But since I’m not really model material, I can only hope and pray. 😛

5 Responses to “Excuse Me, Am I A Model?”

  1. naeboo says:


    if TVC is not called models la.. talents!

  2. monkey says:

    wahhhh model ah *wolf whistle* 😛 mmm yes a very different part exist outside of the singapore enclave that is bintan resort. a real world exist outside our little bubble u know 😛

  3. Ruok says:

    Betty, its not a tvc. Its just some presentation material.

    Darling, yeah it was a real eye opener for me. And no, I’m really not a model lah.

  4. Jaschocolate says:

    At least this part of Bintan still like nice… the part of Bintan i went in the past is just factorys and factorys.. The industrial park… >_

  5. Ruok says:

    Jas, actually, I’m only showing you the nice parts.

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