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Everybody Knows My Secret Identity Liow

Posted by Ruok On July - 12 - 2006

Back for a few hours, so thought I’ll post this first.

When I first got into acting, I didn’t tell my camp mates that I was an actor. With my “Clark Kent” disguise, I thought I could keep my alter ego well under wraps and that I could go about doing my time reservist unassumingly. However, as the years go by and as I get more and more good roles, my disguise began to fail miserably.

It was the storemen that first saw through my disguise and confront me about it. They have found me familiar, and wanted to make sure it was me they saw on screen, in spite of my pathetic disguise. As I’ve never denied this when asked, I admitted to it and told them to keep this under wraps. But still, by and by, the word spread, and since some of the guys have never actually seen me on telly, they didn’t really believe these storemen at first.

However, when some of them actually did catch me on screen later, the next ICT would have them coming up and telling me that they saw me on television etc etc. In the beginning, there were only a handful of them, but these number just grew and grew through the years.

Now,its five years later. And when my company sergeant major also informed me that he just saw me on True Files, I take it as a sign that almost everybody knows I’m an actor liow. I guess it will be a matter of time before the “keng” king tag starts to float around. 😛

It also happens so that this time round, part of our training involved some re-enactment of hostile situations. And guess who kenna arrowed to be one of the actors? 😛 And how they teased each other about what a great privilege it was to act with a Mediacorp actor afterwards. *mutter* (For the record, I’m technically not a Mediacorp artiste hor, not that I don’t want to be)

Since they know so much about me liow, I thought it was only fair that I let them on to my other identity. So the other night, when we were chilling out and talking about the food in Adam Road, I waited for a break in the conversation and added,

“Actually, I don’t go to Adam Road that often. I go to Eve Street more often.”

Bewildered stares went around. “Eh which street again?”

“Eve Street. E-V-E.”

“Got such street meh?!!” “Where is Eve Street?!!”

“Well you all know got Adam Road right? So must have Eve Street also right?”

Muted silence. Then mirth and laughter. “Wahahaha, wahlau eh! this kind of thing you also can think of. R u ok or not?!!”

I smiled, laughed and nodded.

That’s who I am guys, that’s who I am. :)

P.S. naeboo, time for your next post! *cracks whip*

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