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Enter The Black Dragon

Posted by Ruok On March - 31 - 2009

My whole body is still aching from yesterday, where I donned on the persona of Black Dragon (literally translated from the Chinese name) for the upcoming blockbuster serial “The Ultimatum”.

Gee, I always thought blockbusters are for the big screen …

Anyhoo, I digress.

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to MCS, so much so that I didn’t even know they have changed entry points for us again. Of course the cool thing now is that they key in everything into the computer, so no more flipping through pages and pages on the clipboard just to prove that we are really here for a shoot.

A surprise was waiting for me in the make-up department in the form of a mole. As if I did not have enough already!! But I had to put on the fake mole as the actor playing the older Black Dragon has this-blink-but-you-won’t-miss-it mole on his chin.

Definitely not a smokin’ moment.

Another surprise was the length of the shoot. Judging from the scenes, I’d really thought I will be done come evening time. But it was scheduled for, and it eventually ended as well,at midnight. I guess the director wasn’t kidding when she told me I had a long and hard day ahead.

Over dinner, she asked me how come I’ve not aged one bit over the years. “In fact, she said, “You look younger and thinner.” I was so tempted to tell her of my vampire origin, but decide to just simply say that I did age and have a couple of white hairs showing already.

The dastardly deed was shot after dinner. And my victim this time round was Cheryl. You would have probably remembered her as the sister of one of the main characters in I Not Stupid back then.

In between takes, I asked her if this was her first time and she said no, it was her second. She asked the same of me, and I bashfully told her that I’ve sorta done this to two other women already. Her eyes then widen and asked if I always played the bad guy. My reply was just a sad smile and a small sigh…

The scenes did turn out to be physically demanding indeed, just like the director had forewarned. If not for my gym hours, I doubt I would have lasted the night.

The last surprise was that this is the first shoot I’ve done in TCS 8 where all the main cast are freelancers. Now, how about that?

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