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Early Birthday Gift

Posted by Ruok On March - 23 - 2007

I guess I’m treating the graphic card bought as an early birthday gift to myself.

8800 GTS OC Edition For those not in the know, this is a DirectX 10 card, real bleeding edge stuff. How bleeding edge is this? Well, there are no games that support DirectX 10 now, that’s how bleeding edge it is. Of course I didn’t get it so as to play Directx 10 games, I got it to replace my really cannot make it anymore 6800 Ultra.

And with this card, I’m finally inducted into the current wave of wide-screen gaming, and I must say I’m loving it.

For those with 24″ or larger monitors, I would recommend the 640mb version and if you are the rare few that is gaming on a 30″, you might want to invest in the top of the line 8800 GTX. If you do have such a large screen, you might even want to consider a SLI configuration for that and run every single detail maxed out, and be the envy of all your friends.

But if you do want to upgrade, I suggest waiting till April. A whole new range of Nvidia graphic cards are gonna be out, which usually means price drops on the existing cards now.

Yes, yes, including the one I just bought. Sigh.

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