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“Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You”

Posted by Ruok On May - 30 - 2007

Guess what. They called.

And I suppose its Your Will too (cuz I’ve prayed about it, and yet it has come to pass).

And if what I’m about to do is criminal, I’ll like to say I’ve started punishing myself already :

5 Responses to ““Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You””

  1. J says:

    WHAT the HECK are those??

  2. Ah9 says:

    Wah ur back still as bad as few months back? what u do siah, so long havent recover?

  3. Ruok says:

    J, they are love bites. Or tatoos. Or tatoos to look like love bites. ^^

    Ah9, its those damn positions I tell. Can’t help it when they all want variety these days.

  4. J says:

    love bites? more like you’ve indulged in some S&M activities right..

  5. sunshin3 says:

    liew… eric’s been taking care of you alright.. 😛

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