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Damn If I Do, Damn If I Don’t

Posted by Ruok On August - 12 - 2007

The thing about auditioning for a TVC about erectile dysfunction is that you can’t really say you really, really want to do this ad.

I’m still in two minds over whether this will be a good thing for me if I do get the job. -_-”

Ah well.

3 Responses to “Damn If I Do, Damn If I Don’t”

  1. naeboo says:

    *after calming down*

    i think they will reject u based on how humsap u look. or maybe they will accept from thinking how u must have overworked the little thingamajig since u r so humsap and now it’s dryyyyy… hahahahahahaha

  2. Ruok says:


    Anyway I didn’t get it in the end.

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