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Posted by Ruok On August - 30 - 2006

She replied one day later. She sounded cheerful, was in every bit surprised to hear from me again and was not in any bit upset at me at all. She tells me life’s been treating her well, and I can sense her happiness from the way she wrote.

I’m happy that you are happy babe.

And with that, I finally had my closure, after all these years.

I had foolishly relied on time to help me get closure. Only to find that its not possible, and this was proven through the course of events that unfolded the past year. In a way, perhaps these events needed to happen to make me realise that I still needed a proper closure. But that doesn’t make me any glad for these events to happen. And it still pains me still that as a consequence (be it directly or indirectly) a friendship was ruined.

But that itself, is a story for another day.

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

Actually wanted to commemorate this post with a version that had these lyrics but I couldn’t find a decent one.

So I guess I did the next best thing.

5 Responses to “Closure”

  1. naeboo~ says:

    glad that u can move on now….

    when u r bringing me to see ur momma to lemme show off my fry chickens skills?!? hmm..??

  2. but the lyrics of this and the other one is fundementally different…. one’s about praising Him, even as a non-christian (as Leonard Cohen said, a ‘secular hallelujah’), and the other’s about honkin’ good sex.

  3. Ruok says:

    naeboo, errm, soon enough I guess. I think my mum can’t wait as well. 😛

    rationalneurotic, I know the meanining is different, thats why I spent hours looking for it. Interestingly enough, you do know both versions are by him right? Anyway I put up the Jeff Buckley cuz I was already resigned to not finding one, before deciding at the very last minute to do my own version.

  4. August says:

    I am a strong advocate for proper closures.. helps you to move on with life. Hope everything works out for you soon and that you will be happier than ever.

    Great vid. I have the same song on my nano but I can’t seem to hear the song in this youtube vid. :(

  5. […] I was mulling over why I couldn’t do well for the crying scene and my only logical conclusion at this moment is that perhaps, I’ve used the wrong emotional anchor. Yes, I’m kinda ashamed that I’ve been wanting to use this “crutch” to get through the scene, and I guess in the past, when I could do it, was because I didn’t had closure. And since I have recently come to terms with it, trying to re-live this tearful experience couldn’t quite achieve the effect I wanted. […]

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