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Bathsheba III

Posted by Ruok On March - 6 - 2007

I’ve believed, up till now, that I’ve stopped dreaming of you.

But last night’s dream told me otherwise. Its been a long time since I’ve remembered my dreams and last night I find myself plunged into another story sequence, only that I know I’ve dreamed of this setting before. Its a camp of sorts, looks like one of those OBS/Survivor training ones. And I’m either a trainer or trainee. Its been a particularly tough day, and I was just bidding goodbye to the group when I saw you walking by.

You looked just the way I remembered, and your group members gave me a wide berth as I approached you. We made some casual small talk and I think you were on your way back to your quarters. I had this urge to hold you there and then, but all I could muster was a slight graze of your bum and a hand around your waist, and even so it was only for a few seconds. It was as if I remembered that we shouldn’t be seen this way again, and I slowed the pull away of my hand to make the gesture as innocuous and innocent as possible.

I noticed you didn’t seem to mind, and I wondered if you had crave for my touch as much as I have craved for yours again. After you were gone, I walked around a bit, trying to make sense of time and space that I’m in. It was as if I’ve taken over my dream-self fully now, and I roamed the camp a little bit more.

Random faces greeted me, but their conversation to me made no sense, and I can’t really recall much of it now. Then I heard gossips about me and you again and people trying to figure out what exactly was our relationship. The chatter even brought mention about my dream-self’s meeting with you earlier and about how I seemed to be quite intimate with you…

Then everything came to a freeze and I entered into a particularly weird loop. I recognise this looping of events; it only happens when I attempt to change something in the dream and fail, and the loop will bring right back to where I can try again, and will keep looping till I succeed or give up trying.

I got woken up in the middle of the loop, and that made me forgot what the hell it was that I was trying to remedy in the dream.

You looked sad in the dream. I hope you are happy in real life, babe.

3 Responses to “Bathsheba III”

  1. Ruok says:

    *hugs back*

  2. naeboo says:

    i dont think such things can ever end. like, for good.there’s alw residual feelings :/

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