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Anti Charismatic

Posted by Ruok On February - 5 - 2007

Its been a while, and while I wasn’t really expecting to learn much from the sermon, I didn’t expect myself to so violently object to the drivel that was being preached.

Granted, he was only a guest speaker, but he was introduced as a great personal and close friend of the chief pastor and of the church, and I’m pretty convinced that this chip can’t really fall far from the old block. I had hoped to listen to the chief pastor live before I make up my mind about the church, but after yesterday’s session, I am pretty much convinced I’ve seen it all. Why are these people still blatantly quoting and preaching Scripture out of context?!!

And with this episode, I now stand firm indeed in disapproving this movement, even though I had been part of it for a decade before He opened my eyes.

I’m glad that my friend, who has been attending the church for quite some time, agreed with my views on the sermon or I’ll be worried for her.

The irony is that one of the most damning thing he said was actually quite true, in a twisted sort of way. He said, “God is not in control.”

He’s right, you know; I think this church has taken herself out of God’s control.

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