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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On August - 15 - 2006

My brother just popped into my room to tell me that his cute young friend, who have only seen me twice so far in the span of two weeks, had told him this :

“Your brother can look quite evil hor?”


Which brings to mind, today, while “trying” to take pictures of me in the image of a boy-next-door, Terz said,

“You look paikia in your boy-next-door look leh…”



5 Responses to “Again…”

  1. laputa says:

    i remember ur brother… he does seems to inherit all the “innocent” looks…

  2. Finicky Feline says:

    Paikia look can be quite sexy leh, but you gotta have the character to match the look.

  3. aberwyn says:

    not only do you look evil, you look psychotic. HAHA.

  4. naeboo~ says:

    i tot u said u looked gay???

  5. Ruok says:

    laputa> yar lah yar lah…

    FF> So u saying I not sexy. T_T

    Aber> Yeah, I think she want to say more but dun dare cuz I will see her again soon… 😛

    Boo> Cuz I (try to) tone down the paikianess too much until I looked gay lor KNS.

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