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Posted by Ruok On May - 6 - 2009

Last week I received the cheque for my Black Dragon role.

It was the highest amount I’ve ever received from them for a day’s shoot, and it represented an increment of over 40%. By my rough calculations, this is what they pay the highest part-time grade, “A+”.

My grade since they upgraded me about 2 years ago was “A”, and “A+”, I was told, is the pinnacle.

Of course, I might be wrong and they prolly just up the pay for all the grades this year. But I’m not going to call them and ascertain this. Cuz the last time I confirmed my upgrading, they kinda badgered me into accepting more roles.

And after the almost burning of bridge incident last year, I don’t think I want to go ruffle feathers again.

Anyway, its not like the grading is gonna make a WHOLE lot of difference into the type of role they’ll be giving me. I think I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume I have, at long last, reach this milestone.

So what’s next ah?

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  1. gurms says:

    Well done. When you buying us drinks?

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