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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On December - 28 - 2007

Tonight is the screening of my “lecherous vagabond” role, according to 8 days.

Episode starts at 9pm, channel 8.

I should be appearing towards the end though (should be a cliffhanger) and the scene will continue on Monday 29 December.

Its funny how I start the year with a screening of such a scene and now I’m ending the year with another screening of the same. >.< I think at this rate, all the potential Janes will zhao lor liow.

Update : I got my very own animated gif for my efforts! @.@ More about this later, a bit sloshed now.

2 Responses to “黄金路”

  1. chak says:

    i saw u on tv.. u look very scary and perverted.. guess that makes u a very good actor!

  2. Ruok says:

    thanks chak! Happy Nude Year!

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