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演员不坏, 观众不爱

Posted by Ruok On March - 3 - 2006

I just got my first role for the year!! Woohoo!!!

And guess what, I play a would be murderer. I have a funny feeling after this role, the typecasting would start all over again. *sigh*

Seeing how its my first real role in ages, I’m not gonna complain. Well, ok, I just have to complain that I have to wake up at an unearthly hour on a Saturday morning for the shoot. And that they only give me one night to memorise the script. See me very up, they do. 😛

6 Responses to “演员不坏, 观众不爱”

  1. David says:

    Congrats dude 😉

    Let this be the start of many more great things to come for you…

  2. StaRm|sT says:

    heeeeyyyy, congrats!!! :)

  3. jer says:

    woooo, congrats!! more to come! jia you jia you!!

  4. aberwyn says:

    actually hor, you do have the psychotic serial murderer look. HAHA

  5. sunshin3 says:

    rest well and all the best!

  6. FF says:


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